About Me

Why do I take photographs? I am fascinated by just about everything I see around me. When I view my surroundings through the lens of a camera, time slows to a crawl. There is always one more shot I need to take, one more picture that begs to be captured.

I use my camera to take pictures of the world as it appears to me. I see the beauty and the imperfections — and both are apparent in my photographs. If you look closely at my garden images, you might see blemishes on the petals of a flower, or a tiny insect climbing on the stem.

With over thirty years experience as an artist and teacher, I have been involved with digital photography since its inception in the early 1990's. Once a traditional film photographer, I currently work exclusively with digital media. My extensive experience enables me to making the most of digital cameras, digital darkroom software, and archival inkjet printers.

About the Photographs

All photographs are available as limited edition prints on canvas.

Printed on 100% cotton acid free, PremierArt canvas with archival quality pigment inks and treated with an environmentally friendly protective coating designed to protect and seal inkjet media. Gallery wrapped, hand signed, dated, numbered. The gallery wrapped image extends around the sides of the stretcher, making a separate frame unnecessary.

Call or email for pricing and information about placing an order.

Raggedy Anns